Our Team

Integrated Water Resources Assessment of Udaipur District Project Team

Karsten Høgh Jensen

Project Leader & Professor , University of Copenhagen

Research interests comprise investigations and modeling of hydrological processes at catchment scale under both temperate and arid conditions including development, calibration and testing of integrated hydrological models. Application of new data types from remote sensing platforms for driving and validating integrated and distributed models as well as hydrological impacts of climate change have been recent research topics. Has been the Director of the Danish Hydrological Observatory HOBE for 14 years and principal supervisor for >110 MSc thesis projects, 43 PhD projects and 15 Postdocs.

Anil Mehta

Principal & Lead Researcher

Dr. Anil Mehta is a well-known personality in the field of water conservation and management. He is known as “Jal Purush” and “Citizen Engineer” for his contributions to the field. Has an impressive educational background. He holds a B.E. in Civil Engineering from Government Engineering College Kota (now known as Rajasthan Technical University), an M.E. in Irrigation Water Management Engineering from College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur, where he was a University Gold Medallist, and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Integrated Water Resources Management from Paher University, Udaipur. Dr. Mehta is currently serving as the Principal of Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur, Rajasthan since 2010. He is also the central team member of Jal Upkram, Paryavaran Sanrakshan Gatividhi and has served on the AICTE’s core group on preparing a roadmap for conservation of the lakes of India. He has been awarded by various organizations for his contributions to the field of water conservation. He is the recipient of the Dr Yashwant Rao Kelkar Award for Environmental Conservation Works and has been honored by Zee News, Tarun Bharat Sangh (Water Man Rajendra Singh)

Tirumaleswara Reddy

Technical Director, DHI, India

Tirumaleswara Reddy has 15 year’s experience as an academician, researcher, and consultant in the field of marine and coastal environment. He has obtained his PhD in Physical Oceanography from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and obtained his Post-Doctoral research experience from University of Edinburgh, Scotland. At various positions, Reddy is responsible for execution of the projects related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management, shoreline management plans, feasibility assessment of Ports & Harbours, Oil & Gas with team of engineers. Reddy is responsible for preparation and submission of technical and commerical proposals to national and international agencies. He is also responsible for business develoment in the Marine & Coastal, Port & Terminals, and Water Resources. Reddy also responsible for India’s Operations on water resources department including technical supervision of quality, works carried out and deadlines of project deliverables, personnel management, development of budgets, contributing as team leader and technical advisor. Reddy managed many projects related to catchment hydrology, river hydraulics, river flood management, river morphology, and urban flooding in India. Real Time flood forecasting and early warning system, flood risk assessment, adaptation and mitigation have been integrated parts of these activities.

Kuldeep Pareta

Hydrodynamic Modeler,DHI,India

Dr Pareta has extensive knowledge and experience of project work including model and river morphological analysis in Vietnam and India specially in Assam and alluvial plain area. He has visited south bank and north bank of Brahmaputra River in Assam during the field assessment survey, which was focused on erosion management, sediment transport, river morphology, and identification of most vulnerable area. He has developed various models such as river bankline prediction model, soil erosion model, multi criteria decision analysis model for identification of vulnerable area. He has worked several models - distributed hydrological model MIKE SHE for the Ayad river catchment, Udaipur (2023), MIKE 21 flow model (FM) for a selected river in Romania (2022), MIKE FLOOD model for Gumaniya Nalla, Udaipur (2021), MIKE SHE and MIKE Hydro River RR and Hydrodynamic (HD) Model for Brahmaputra River in Assam, curvilinear flow model of MIKE 21C for river morphology studies of Rapti river system, Uttar Pradesh (2019), MIKE Hydro River RR and Hydrodynamic (HD) for various river basin in Tamilnadu (2018). Currently, Dr Kuldeep Pareta is the Team Leader of a project for the Berach Banas catchment integrated hydrological modelling using MIKE SHE. He has acquainted with the use and execution of ESRI Products (ArcGIS-10x and specialized extension modules: ArcHydro/Groundwater Analyst, Spatial and 3D-Analyst, ArcSWAT, HEC GeoRAS, City Engine, InVEST), ERDAS Imagine 10x, LPS 2010, ILWIS 5.0, MIKE Softwares, and ENVI 4.7. He has also published 8 international books, and over 93 research papers in various refereed national and international journals.

Prabhu Kalaivanan

Senior DSS Expert, DHI, India

Mr Prabhu Kalaivanan has 16 years of professional expertise in the Water Environment field. He has significant domain experience working with water authorities in application development. He has extensive experience in developing Web Applications to visualise the model system and the outcomes such as Coastal Water Management, Coastal Water Development, Extreme Storm Events, Land Gain and Loss, and the Impact of Sea Level Rise on the Indian Coast over various time period. He has developed scripts to analyse the datasets and automated methods for coastal processes and shoreline related database development using SQL, Python, and MATLAB. He has developed a Web application to access a Geo-database using open-source technologies such as Java script and open layers, as well as a Geo server. He is familiar with Web GIS, .NET technologies, as well as MIKE OPERATIONS domain. Mr. Prabhu Kalaivanan is working as Senior DSS Expert in ongoing Maharashtra projects such as Upgrading the Existing RTSF and ROS System for the Krishna Bhima Basin Using DSS (P&M), India, and he is currently involved in DSS projects of National Hydrology Projects (NHP).

Trine Enemark

Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests comprise groundwater modelling and uncertainties in groundwater model predictions with a special focus on conceptual uncertainty of the hydrogeological model comprising both the hydrological processes and the geological structure. This includes development and testing of rivalling conceptual models using hydrogeological, geophysical, and remote sensing data. Application of parameter estimation methods of low to highly parameterized groundwater models. Experienced with application of the python programming language for data collection, analyzing and visualizing data, automating tasks, package development, groundwater model construction and calibration.

Yogita Dashora

Postdoctoral researcher

Research expertise in hydrogeology, specializing in Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and community-based groundwater management in semi-arid regions. Over the span of a decade, both during and post my PhD, been involved in three significant research projects. Which were led by the Western Sydney University, Australia; Central Water Commission (CWC), India and the ongoing project by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Secured various grants and fellowships, including the UNESCO Grant in 2017, the South Australian Rajasthan Water Management Fellowship hosted by the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM) in 2017, the UNESCO Grant for developing countries in 2016, and an IWMI Fellowship from 2013 to 2015. Research contributions to the field include a total of 11 journal publications, 9 conference papers, and the co-authoring of a book, along with a chapter in “Exemplary Case Studies of Sustainable and economic managed aquifer recharge”, A UNESCO-IAH-GRIPP Publication.

Tanya Issar


Research interests revolve around the exploration of qualitative methods to address critical issues related to natural resource management (land and water) and livelihood. Her work delves deep into the complex relationship between climate change and its implications. She has presented papers on "Citizen Science for Integrated Water Resources Management" at the Open Science South Asia Network (OSSAN) Conference in 2022 and "River Health Assessment to Restoration (RHAR)" at the Conference in 2023, hosted by IIT (BHU). The research work on Citizen Science has received the Best Paper Award at the OSSAN Conference in 2022. She has engaged in a variety of roles, including research, capacity building, and impact assessment. Her professional journey includes leadership in initiatives related to natural resource management and the development of sustainable communities. She has a strong background in field-based research and excels in stakeholder consultation, contributing significantly to the fields of climate change and sustainability.

Nidhi Sehrawat

Research Associate

Research Interests comprise understanding interactions between Science, Policy and practice and undertaking qualitative research to address issues about agriculture and climate change. Research topics include conducting ethnographic studies to understand how different knowledge systems perceive and influence each other’s ideas and actions on natural resource management and using hydro perspectivism as a conceptual tool to understand the relationships between water and humans. Areas of professional experience include but are not limited to research, capacity building, and impact assessment